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High Content Analysis

High content screening is a cell based screening method. It involves image analysis for rapid and highly parallel biological research and drug discovery. The major challenge is high throughput analysis of images to extract several parameters to reflect the changes in the properties of the cell caused by external treatment such as chemical inhibitors. CellSee, a comprehensive image analysis software, enables users to extract quantitative data from the cell images captured with a high resolution microscope.

A Comprehensive Tool for High Content Screening

CellSee is a powerful image analysis tool for high throughput high content cellular assays. It supports quantification of several morphological parameters for a broad range of applications such as neurite outgrowth assays, apoptosis, cellular differentiation, cell translocations and cell proliferation. It employs algorithms that are suited for all cell types, staining methods and imaging conditions.

High Content Screening Assay - Image Analysis Tool

CellSee supports analysis of 8-bit, 16-bit and 32- bit images generated from a high content screening cellular imaging systems. It accepts several formats including TIFF, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG and raw. It can also analyze image stacks or a series of related images called slices. Analysis includes standard image processing features such as contrast adjustment, smoothing, sharpening and edge detection. After then it measures several morphological parameters such as angle, cell count, length, mean standard deviation for entire image or user defined selections.

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