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SimMet [Beta]

SimMet is a robust high throughput informatics tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis of mass spectrometry metabolite data.

SimMet supports peak detection, peak picking, retention time alignment and differential analysis of LC-MS data across multiple biological samples. It enables you to run metabolite identification studies using MS and MS/MS data in batch mode.

Single Platform for All Your Analysis

Save the trouble of managing and using multiple tools for your metabolite research. The all in one SimMet enables you to perform multiple statistical analyses including Principal Component Analysis, Loadings Plots and Scores Plots in addition to Confidence Ellipses (Correlation Loadings and Hotelling's T2 ellipses) for metabolite data. The analysis helps in understanding the relationship between metabolites and samples as well as to perform differential analysis.

Automate Workflows Quickly

SimMet enables automating LC-MS data processing workflows such as peak detection, peak picking, peak identification and peak alignment to facilitate qualitative, quantitative and differential metabolomics. It eliminates the tedious and painful process of going though complex data manually so that you have more time to focus on your research. The results are displayed through interactive and intuitive graphs, reports, plots, and annotated spectra. This helps you to quickly and comprehensively understand your data.

Manage Large Data Easily

You can load half a million scans in a single project as well as export analysis results of 50,000 scans. All standard vendor formats are supported to seamlessly integrate workflow solutions.

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