About Us

PREMIER Biosoft Founded in 1994, is a group of computer scientists and biologists dedicated to accelerating research in life sciences. Our goal is to study the most recent innovations in life sciences and translate them into software products to aid research.

Our Focus

We are a development centric company and believe that marketing efforts will succeed only if they are built upon strong products that evolve with our customers' needs. For example, our first product, Primer Premier, is now in its sixth major enhancement, while our newer products, Array Designer and Beacon Designer™ are unique in the industry. We devote 70% of our budget to development.


Our growing development team consists primarily of computer scientists and molecular biologists who have been cross trained. All of our team members have at least a masters degree in computer science or biology and are encouraged to continue their education while with us.

We follow an object oriented software design approach to our projects. All of our applications are thoroughly studied, designed, and reviewed before being coded. As a result, our applications are both stable and extensible.


We have marketing partnerships with several prestigious companies including SCIEX, Biolegio, bioMérieux, Bio-Rad®, Genosys, ISU Abxis, MRC-Holland, OptiGene, PamGene, PrimeSyn, Protein Biotechnologies, Sigma-Aldrich, TATAA Biocenter, Techne, Thermo Scientific™, UNITMA, Veridiam and Waters Corporation.


We are currently expanding our international distributor network. We are always on the lookout for new business partners. If your company is interested, please contact us at support@premierbiosoft.com.

Contact Us

Technical Support: support@premierbiosoft.com
US Office: PREMIER Biosoft International
5214F Diamond Heights Blvd #451
San Francisco, CA 94131-2175
Fax: +1 650 618 1773

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