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Veridiam Tissue Arrayer

Veridiam Tissue Arrayer is the leading manufacturer of tissue microarray instrumentation. Veridiam builds and distributes worldwide semi-automated tissue arrayers designed to enable researchers to assemble multiple tissue specimens on a glass slide.

Veridiam tissue arrayers provides tools for constructing high–density tissue arrays, which may contain over 500 tissue sections on one slide. This, in turn, results in major savings in time, money and valuable tissues and ensures reliable results in modern high-throughput histopathology.

Veridiam is a leading machining and custom metal fabrication specialist with over 50 years of experience serving as a major manufacturer of precision engineered components. Veridiam has 4 locations, 3 in the San Diego area (El Cajon, Oceanside, and Poway) and a 4th in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Veridiam's expertise in medical applications ranges from minimally invasive surgery instruments to advanced electronic diagnostics equipment and medical implants to tissue microarray devices. Other medical applications include orthopedics, cardiology, general surgery, medical instrumentation, microsurgery, and orthodontia.

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