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High Throughput Glycan & Glycopeptide Identification Tool using Mass Spectrometry Data

SimGlycan predicts structure of glycans from the MS/MS and multi-stage mass spectrometry (MSn) data. Furthermore, comprehensive support for resolving glycopeptides using LC-MS/MS glycopeptide data facilitates glycosylation studies. SimGlycan accepts experimental MS/MS data, matches them with its own database and finally generate a list of ranked candidate structures. Rank of each candidate indicates the proximity between the candidate structure and the experimental glycan. The rank is calculated based on a robust scoring mechanism that considers structure specific diagnostic ions observed in the experimental MS/MS spectra as well as the intensity of those observed peaks.

SimGlycan also supports multistage mass spectrometry (MSn) data analysis for isomers differentiation.

Key Features



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Application Notes

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Automating mass spectrometry based glycan identification and quantitation using SimGlycan software

Use SimGlycan for glycan and glycopeptide analysis, glycan structure prediction, glycosylation analysis...

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