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Primer Premier

10 Great reasons to buy Primer Premier

  1. Easy to Learn: Listen to the multimedia tour of Primer Premier and you can start designing your first primer pair or probe in under ten minutes.

  2. Easy to Use: With the built-in automatic search mode that tailors stringency to your template, you can design primers for difficult templates at the click of a button.

  3. Innovative Algorithms: Primer Premier has powerful algorithms for avoiding cross homologies, screening secondary structures and selecting every possible primers within the allowed length and positional boundaries.

  4. Comprehensive: More functions and features than most programs in its class.

  5. Try and Buy: You can try the fully functional product using time activated key before you buy.

  6. Low Price: More function for less money than all products with similar functionality.

  7. Unlimited Free Support: Telephone, e-mail and fax support for the life of the product free of charge.

  8. Continuous Improvement: We continuously improve the software based on the latest scientific developments and your feedback.

  9. Upgrade Price: Many of the upgrades are provided free of charge to the customers and the upgrade price is discounted heavily from the list price.

  10. Proven in the Lab: The results are proven in the lab by us (1 Vinay Singh, Sita Naik, "A Program for Design of Degenerate Primers from a Protein Sequence", Biotechniques, February 1998) and by our customers.

Primer Design for Standard PCR Assays

Primer Premier is the most comprehensive software to design and analyze PCR primers.

Primer Premier's search algorithm finds optimal PCR, multiplex and SNP genotyping primers with the most accurate melting temperature using the nearest neighbor thermodynamic algorithm. Primers are screened for secondary structures, dimers, hairpins, homologies and physical properties before reporting the best ones for your sequence, in ranked order. Equipped with a handy calculator, you can easily manipulate sequences and analyze the results of your primer design.

Primer Design for SNP Genotyping Assays

With Primer Premier, you can load sequences from dbSNP and have the primers designed flanking the SNP selected. Hundreds of unpublished SNPs can also be loaded by specifying them as variation features in standard GenBank/dbSNP files. After specifying the SNPs, primers can be designed to amplify them for detection using a probe-based chemistry.


  • New Improved Search Algorithms
  • Automatic Sequence Retrieval
  • Automatic Homology & Template Structure Avoidance
  • Evaluate Pre-designed Primers
  • Manual Primer Search
  • Edit Template Sequence
  • Sequence View
  • Generate Report
  • Local & Desktop BLAST Options
  • Calculator
  • Data & Database Management


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