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PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the release of the Enterprise Edition of SimGlycan®, enabling users to work with their proprietary database

Palo Alto, California -- May 25, 2009, PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the worldwide release of the Enterprise Edition of its glycan and glycopeptide MS/MS data analysis tool, SimGlycan®. Users can now set up their own private custom database and have SimGlycan® search for glycans and glycopeptides using it. The database can be deployed on a local Windows server or on their own PCs.

Novel glycans found but not yet published can be added to this private database by drawing their structure on SimGlycan®'s drawing canvas. A numerical representation of the drawing is then submitted to the database making it easy to construct customized databases. Users can add to or delete glycan structures from the database or create their own sub-database for narrowing down their search, right from the convenience of their workstations. Structural information for multiple glycans can be stored in a single file and added to the database, saving time. In addition, users have access to all the functionality available in the desktop version of the program, that is, predict glycan structures for a given experimental MS profile, draw glycans and compare them with experimental data, and annotate mass spectra using cartoons or Domon-Costello nomenclature or display successive loss of monosaccharide residues on the spectra.

"For glycomics research organizations and pharmaceuticals, the Enterprise Edition should prove to be a secure tool to resolve novel glycans and glycopeptides." said Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing.

For details, please visit: http://www.premierbiosoft.com/glycan/index.html

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