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PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the world wide release of SimGlycan® version 2.60 with MS/MS annotation support.

Palo Alto, California--Oct 18, 2008, PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the world wide release of SimGlycan® version 2.6. SimGlycan®, the glycan MS/MS data analysis tool now annotates mass spectra, showing the loss of successive monosaccharides with each peak, enabling better glycan visualization and outputting publication quality graphics of the results.

Protein glycosylation plays an important part in cell signalling and structural determination. To understand the process of glycosylation, one of the most important step is elucidating the structure of glycans.

SimGlycan® accepts input in many formats, mzXML, mzData, text, spreadsheet, *.wiff and *.t2d files generated by ABI mass spectrometers as well as raw data files from Bruker instruments.

"We are now closer to our goal of offering an exceptionally powerful tool to the glycomics research community. The ability to annotate mass spectra is perhaps the most important step towards glycan characterization that SimGlycan® now offers" said Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing. "We have also made publishing and sharing of the spectra easy, with a printer friendly export option and informative with the new annotation capabilities" she further told the press.

For details, please visit: http://www.premierbiosoft.com/glycan/index.html

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