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PREMIER Biosoft International releases version 2 of SimGlycan®, an innovative glycan mass fingerprinting tool. SimGlycan® predicts the glycan structure by matching the experimental mass spec profile with its own comprehensive and robust database

Palo Alto, California - May 23, 2007, PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the release of version 2 of its new product, SimGlycan®. SimGlycan® is an innovative glycan fragment mass fingerprinting tool. SimGlycan® predicts the structure of a glycan from the MS/MS data acquired by mass spectrometry and displays it in 2D. Version 2 includes support for Sodium (Na) as an adduct. In addition, 16 more monosaccharides, over the existing 26 are supported.

For details, please visit: http://www.premierbiosoft.com/glycan/index.html

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