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PREMIER Biosoft International Releases Version 4 of Array Designer, a Microarray Software for Designing Highly Specific and Efficient Oligos for Microarrays

Array Designer, a comprehensive desktop tool for designing oligos for microarrays, offers the ability to make microarrays for the challenges of the post-sequencing era.

Palo Alto, CA--May 21, 2005: PREMIER Biosoft International announces the release of Array Designer version 4, a web savvy desktop tool to efficiently design hundreds of specific oligos for cDNA microarrays for expression studies and SNP genotyping. The new version includes the ability to make whole genome arrays and tiling arrays.

With Array Designer you can start with a list of sequences or a whole genome sequence (for whole genome arrays) to study the entire organism by detecting every gene or exon in the whole genome, characterizing transcriptomes, discovering differentially and alternatively spliced transcripts, SNP discovery and genotyping, DNA sequence variation in individuals or populations, splice variant arrays and comparative genome hybridization (CGH).

You can even design tiling arrays to spot every base of a long genomic sequence avoiding repetitive regions. Designing arrays to characterize regulatory elements, or to study epigenetic modifications, methylation patterns and protein binding sites is made easy with the new version. For details, please visit: http://www.premierbiosoft.com/dnamicroarray/index.html

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