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Automating Untargeted and Targeted LC-MS Lipid Data Analysis with SimLipid® Software

Automating Untargeted and Targeted LC-MS Lipid Data Analysis with SimLipid

May 22, 2017

The presence of lipids in membranes, or as signaling molecules, is reflective of the physiological state of an organism at a given time. Comparative studies of the complex lipid mixtures found in cells and tissues could potentially reveal lipid biomarkers. It may be noted that a single analytical method to screen all lipids in a biological system has yet to be developed. Targeted and non-targeted approaches based on chromatography and mass spectrometry have been employed for such studies and they both involve the identification and measurement of lipids in the sample.

Multiple lipidomics methods for targeted and non-targeted approaches — shotgun, LC, MS and MS/MS — necessitate the use of multiple software programs to automate data analysis. There is no informatics suite that supports automated data analysis of all the above mentioned methods. SimLipid software has been developed to allows users to not only analyze data from these methods, but it also enables them to view the raw data; review results; automatically annotate thousands of MS and MS/MS spectra, and export the results into MS excel files.

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