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Special Offer for Beacon Designer™ Customers!!

Thank you for choosing Beacon Designer™ for your real time qPCR assay designs. We hope that Beacon Designer™ has lived up to your expectations. We are pleased to introduce our new, pioneering product AlleleID®; designed to address the challenges of pathogen detection, bacterial identification, species identification and taxa discrimination using TaqMan® and molecular beacon assays.

Using ClustalW multiple sequence alignment, AlleleID® analyzes conserved and species specific regions. AlleleID® then designs primers and probes to amplify and detect only the species of interest from the mix, or for universal/taxa discrimination assays. With this powerful functionality, pathogen detection or bacterial identification has never been so easy! To learn more about AlleleID®, please click here.

Avail upto $800 discount on AlleleID® !!

We are happy to offer AlleleID® at a highly competitive price to our Beacon Designer™ customers. If you are a licensee of Beacon Designer™, you can avail AlleleID® for $4085 only.

We also offer academic discounts. If you work for a university/non-profit/government institute, please submit your information here. We will get in touch with you shortly for the academic price.