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Beacon Designer™ Free Edition

Free qPCR Design Software

Beacon Designer™ free edition is an online qpcr design tool that can be used to screen SYBR® Green primers and TaqMan® probes for possible secondary structures such as dimers or hairpins.

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If you would like to design, not just analyze, TaqMan® probes and SYBR® Green primers, download the Beacon Designer™ full version. In addition to these two chemistries design support is available for MethyLight, LNA, Molecular beacons, NASBA, FRET and Scorpion assays.

Beacon Designer™ has powerful algorithms to assure assay success. Sequences are BLAST searched and folded, the results are automatically interpreted and used for designing primers. This step ensures that the primers are highly specific and efficient.

Beacon Designer™ is the only commercially available program with uses innovative proprietary algorithms to design optimal primer-probe sets for single tube multiplex assays using TaqMan® for up to 4 targets. All sets are analyzed for cross compatibility and cross homology to other targets to ensure specific and efficient amplification.

Please visit the Beacon Designer™ section for a complete description on what the program can do to save you the time and money spent in failed experiments.