Since its introduction, real-time PCR has become the main technical platform for nucleic acid detection in research and development. This technology has become an invaluable tool for many scientists working in different disciplines. Especially in the field of molecular diagnostics, real-time PCR - based assays have gained favor in the recent past.

Although many significant results have been derived from real time PCR studies, one limitation has been the lack of standards to perform and interpret these experiments.

The Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments (MIQE) guidelines outline the minimum information that should be included while describing a real time PCR experiment, to standardize the results, to easily interpret them and to independently verify them. MIQE guidelines have been written to promote consistency between laboratories and increase experimental transparency.

Download the MIQE Checklist

Is your experiment MIQE Compliant?

AlleleID® and Beacon Designer™, our Real Time PCR oligo design software provide everything a researcher needs to meet MIQE compliance, making submission for publication review more efficient.

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