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PREMIER Biosoft, a leading bioinformatics company, adds strength to its mass spectrometry product portfolio with the acquisition of ProteoIQ, a comprehensive tool for comparative and quantitative proteomics, from NuSep, Australia

Palo Alto, California -- March 4, 2013, PREMIER Biosoft, a leading provider of software solutions for life science research, today announced the acquisition of ProteoIQ from NuSep a publicly listed Australia firm. With ProteoIQ, PREMIER Biosoft now offers a broad spectrum of products for mass spectrometry based "Omics" and "Imaging" studies to the research community.

With this acquisition, PREMIER Biosoft enters the attractive proteomics market, after successfully launching best-in-class products for the lipidomics, glycomics and MALDI imaging markets.

ProteoIQ is a software tool for proteomic data analysis that streamlines the process of statistical validation, protein quantification and comparative proteomics on one platform. It supports validation of the proteins identified by other database search tools such as Mascot, SEQUEST, or X!Tandem. ProteoIQ incorporates the False Discovery Rate and Protein Probability approaches for statistical validation of identified proteins. It performs quantitative analysis via spectral counting, precursor intensity, iTRACQ, TMT, SILAC and iCAT workflows. Users can quickly perform differential analysis of results across biological samples thereby facilitating identification of putative biomarkers.

"For the rapidly growing proteomics market, ProteoIQ is a strategic fit to PREMIER Biosoft's existing mass spec product offering and helps consolidate our position as a leader for providing informatics tools for mass spectrometry," said Arun Apte, CEO, PREMIER Biosoft.

This is the second acquisition for the company, after completing the acquisition of Redasoft in August 2011.

About PREMIER Biosoft
PREMIER Biosoft was founded in 1994. The company is led by computer scientists and biologists dedicated to producing cutting-edge intuitive software for research in life sciences. The company's goal is to study the most recent innovations in life sciences and translate them into software products to aid research. Follow PREMIER Biosoft on Twitter @PREMIERBiosoft and on Facebook.

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