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PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the world wide release of AlleleID® version 7.5.

PREMIER Biosoft International releases version 7.50 of AlleleID with support for multiplex strain differentiation xMAP® assays, high throughput single template DHA (Direct Hybridization Assays) and ASPE (Allele Specific Primer Extension) assays for Luminex 100, Luminex 200 and Bio-Plex 200 suspension array systems.

Palo Alto, California -- Aug. 27, 2009 PREMIER Biosoft International today announced the world wide release of AlleleID version 7.50. AlleleID will now enable xMAP® users to design strain differentiation assays. AlleleID employs a powerful algorithm to first align the sequences and then identify unique regions in each. The capture probes are located in these regions and then checked for multiplexing for use in bead based suspension arrays, based on Luminex's xMAP® technology.

In addition to the above, single template assays are also supported wherein oligos are designed for rapid and high-throughput SNP genotyping assays, particularly useful for population studies. It enables use of pre-designed proven oligos and designs a multiplex set compatible with them, saving costs. Included is a database of MicroPlex xTAGs (formerly known as FlexMAP TAGs) for automatic addition of appropriate tags to Allele Specific Primer Extension (ASPE) primers. Users also have the option to tag them on their own.

"AlleleID is now available for xMAP® users identifying strains. We are committed to keeping pace with their needs by constantly adding advanced and powerful features to our products," commented Kay Brown, V.P. Business Development and Marketing.

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