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PREMIER Biosoft International combines the power of microarray based detection with qPCR in the new version release of its pioneering product AlleleID®

Palo Alto, CA-- December 19, 2005: PREMIER Biosoft International releases version 2.00 of AlleleID®. AlleleID® helps design microarrays and qPCR diagnostic assays for rapid detection of pathogens or bacteria. Typical applications include environmental monitoring, in prevention/control of infectious diseases, development of surveillance tests and biodiversity studies.

To design species identification assays, AlleleID® aligns the sequences and analyzes species specific regions to design probes for microarrays and primers and probes for TaqMan®/molecular beacon qPCR assays. The assays are designed to detect only the strain or species of interest from the mix. For cross species assays, AlleleID® identifies conserved regions of related organisms to help study gene expression when genome draft of the organism under study is not available. It offers taxa specific designs for studies such as effects of contaminants.

AlleleID® employs powerful and sophisticated algorithms to design highly specific and efficient primers and probes. It BLAST searches sequences and automatically interprets the results to design specific oligos avoiding regions of homology. The program incorporates an innovative feature called "Minimal Set", which designs the fewest number of oligos required for detection, lowering assay costs.

The program also has extensive support for qPCR chemistries such as SYBR® Green, TaqMan®, FRET probes and beacons for allele discrimination, multiplex and immuno-assays.
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