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Lipidomics Analysis using LC-MS data from Thermo Orbitrap Velos Pro MS instrument with SimLipid Software

LC-MS based Lipidomics workflow for profiling of lipids

August 12, 2019

Recent advances in the fields of liquid chromatography (LC) and mass spectrometry (MS) has led to the development of novel lipidomics methods. We have developed a new LC-MS based lipidomics method for lipid profiling of Plasmodium berghei samples using UHPLC coupled with high resolution Orbitrap Velos Pro MS instrument. This lipidomics analysis workflow comprises raw data processing, lipid identification, and statistical analysis. SimLipid v. 6.05 software was used for raw data processing and lipid identification and SIMCA-P (HYPERLINK) software was used for statistical analysis. Lipid identification in SimLipid is based on exact mass database search as well as MS/MS database search of the structure-specific MS/MS characteristic ions using a stringent mass tolerance of 5 ppm for both the precursors and product ions. Comprehensive characterization of lipids – head group, and fatty acyl composition - was achieved using MS/MS data from both positive and negative ion modes. Label free quantitation of the identified lipid species was performed using ion abundance corresponding to its monoisotopic peak of the isotope cluster. During quantitation, one of the challenges observed for detected lipids from LC-MS data is the convoluted LC-MS peaks of isomeric compounds. Hence, we used the total ion abundances of the LC peaks corresponding to isomeric lipid species that have the same number of carbons and double bonds in fatty acid chains. Lipid profiling of P. berghei wild type and hemolysin III knockout strains to identify significant lipid species that discriminate these strains was also performed. A summary of the unique lipid species identified from both positive and negative modes by SimLipid (HYPERLINK) software tool is shown in the figure above. For more details, please visit http://premierbiosoft.com/citations/lipidomics-posters-technical-application-notes.html.

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