SimGlycan® Workflow

High Throughput Glycopeptide Analysis

Data available for Thermo Fisher Scientific

SimGlycan supports identification of glycopeptides of complex mixtures separated by LC and detected by MS/MS in batch processing mode. The Protein ID, Protein sequence or Peptide sequences identified by using a third party tool are used by SimGlycan as initial input. The software identifies probable glycan-peptide combinations and ranks them on the basis of observed peaks in the MS/MS data corresponding to diagnostic ions from theoretical glycopeptide. High resolution accurate mass data with an error tolerance between 1 to 200 parts per million (ppm) and 0.1 to 2000 milli Dalton (mDa) can be analyzed.

Key Features in the workflow:

  • Supports direct loading of native data files of all major mass spectrometry vendors
  • LC-MS peak detection and picking
  • Support for multiple protein modifications
  • MS/MS annotation
  • Portable report with glycopeptide structure

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