Arun Apte
Chief Executive Officer

Arun Apte has over two decades of bioinformatics and hands on laboratory experience. He co-wrote Primer Premier and designed the core algorithmic modules of AlleleID and several other projects. He is currently responsible for galvanizing corporate financial performance, market reputation and core team performance, with a particular interest in developing new markets and forging strategic alliances with key partners. Prior to co-founding PREMIER Biosoft, he gained extensive laboratory experience at Clontech Laboratories, California. Arun Apte holds a B.A. in molecular and cell biology and biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has received numerous honors and awards including the T. J. Watson scholarship from IBM, the University of California Alumni scholarship and The Regents of California scholarship. He has been published extensively on bioinformatics.

PREMIER Biosoft's Project Manager

Badri Patidar
Sr. Project Manager

Badri Patidar is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over 14 years of experience in developing and managing software development of bioinformatics tools of PREMIER Biosoft. A skilled professional with a consistent track record of managing complex software projects, Badri has designed and implemented complex algorithms for multiplexing, taxa and species identification. He is currently responsible for software development, server management, IT operations, services and assets. Badri Patidar holds a Bachelor of Computer Application degree from MCRPV, Bhopal and Master of Computer Management degree from SCS, Indore.

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