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Webinar: GlycanExplorer Software for High Throughput Biotherapeutic Glycan Characterization

Complimentary Webinar on Biotherapeutic Glycan Characterization

April 28, 2021

PREMIER Biosoft, a leading Mass Spectrometry software solution provider, presented GlycanExplorerâ„¢ software at the Virtual Software Workshop organized by Thermo Fisher Scientific on April 21, 2021. GlycanExplorer is a software for high throughput analysis of released biotherapeutic N-glycans using high-resolution glycan spectral databases as well as in-silico fragment databases. The webinar was well attended by the biopharma research community that included principal investigators, post-docs, and scientists from various pharmaceutical companies and glycomics research laboratories. Many interesting questions about custom spectral database creation, LC-MS peak detection, glycan identification and quantitation challenges made the session interactive and engaging.

Accurate identification of the glycans is challenging because of their structural complexity and their heterogeneity. The preferred identification workflow is also dependent upon the type of glycoprotein molecules, whether a pre-characterized one or a novel one. In the webinar, we discussed the challenges in LC-MS data processing, various database search workflows for confident identification of glycans. In addition to these, the webinar also included a short demonstration of the functionality and the data analysis workflow of GlycanExplorer using Cetuximab and Human IgG samples.

The topics covered in this webinar are:

  • Challenges in LC-MS data processing such as noise reduction, resolving co-eluting peaks, how to detect low abundant peaks, extract useful information from isotopic clusters etc.
  • Various biotherapeutic glycan characterization workflows.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of MS1 based glycan identification workflow.
  • How MS/MS fragment ions provide useful information for accurate identification of glycans.
  • How to compare fucosylation/ glycosylation/sialylation level among different biological samples.
  • How to plot the expression levels of the glycans in different biological samples.

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