SimGlycan® Workflow

High Throughput Analysis of Native Glycan

Data available for SCIEX

SimGlycan can analyze mass spectrometry data for identification native glycans. The software supports analyses of data generated by Direct infusion-, LC-, MALDI- MS and MS/MS workflows. It reads the observed peaks, match those with theoretical ions of each candidate glycan and reports the candidate glycan structures in a ranked order using a proprietary scoring algorithm. The software can analyze up to 10,000 MS/MS spectra per high throughput search batch and the search results can be exported, along with glycan structures in an Excel file for easy sharing.

Key Features in the workflow:

  • Supports direct loading of raw data from SCIEX's native .wiff and .t2d file formats
  • LC-MS peak detection and picking
  • High Throughput identification of glycans
  • MS/MS annotation
  • Portable report generation

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