SimGlycan® Workflow

Dual Reaction for Analytical Glycomics (DRAG) Analysis

Data available for Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ionization efficiency differs among neutral and sialylated glycans, preventing quantitation using their respective mass spectrometric signals. Dual Reactions for Analytical Glycomics (DRAG), a recently reported stable isotope labeling approach that overcomes the challenge. With an optimized LC peak picking template and unique glycan identification protocol, SimGlycan offers an automated quantification workflow for researchers working with Orbitrap LC-MS based DRAG analysis. The isotope labeled peaks can be quantified using their corresponding intensity or area under curve.

Key Features in the workflow:

  • Supports direct loading of native data files of all major mass spectrometry vendors
  • LC-MS Peak Detection
  • Labeling of glycan samples with stable isotopes
  • High Throughput glycan identification and automatic fragment annotation
  • Quantification of isotope labeled glycan samples using Intensity or Area under curve information
  • Portable report generation in Microsoft Excel format

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