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Bruker Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-of-Flight Impact II

High Throughput Lipidomics Analysis using LC-MS Data from Ultra-High Resolution Qq-Time-of-Flight Impact II with SimLipid Software

Impact II - SimLipid workflows benefit from the following features:

  • Imports raw data directly from Bruker's native file formats namely, .baf, and .yep files.
  • Automatically picks peaks to assign accurate precursor m/z values for MS/MS scans by reading data from MS1 spectra.
  • Visualizes raw and processed data, results in a single workbench view– Total Ion Chromatogram (TIC), extracted ion chromatogram (XIC), mass spectra, identified lipid species corresponding to each MS/MS spectrum, or LC-molecular feature; and annotated MS and MS/MS spectra.
  • Includes a robust database of 40, 312 lipid structures and 15,09,926 structure-specific in-silico MS/MS characteristic ions.
  • Supports multiple shotgun-, LC- MS, and MS/MS lipidomics workflows for targeted and non-targeted approaches.
  • Performs high throughput database search for 20,000 MS/MS scans per batch.
  • Runs a comparative lipidomics analysis across biological groups.
  • Exports portable reports in CSV, MS Excel, and HTML formats files, facilitating downstream analysis.

SimLipid Tutorial Powerpoint Presentations

LC-MS data processing and lipid identification:

  • A brief introduction to SimLipid enterprise edition
  • LC-MS data pre-processing and peak detection
  • Lipid identification
  • View results
  • Portable report in Microsoft Excel
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Application Notes

Phospholipid analysis using SimLipid software

- Shimadzu Document No. LAAN-A-LM-E120

Automated Lipid Identification Using UPLC/HDMSE in Combination with SimLipid

- Waters Application Note No. 720004169EN

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